Get high-speed cross-platform applications for Android and iOS by choosing React Native development services from Velox Softech. React Native is a Java based app development framework that contains rich UI components, giving you native like experience without costing tons of money. At Velox Softech, we can help you leverage the excellent features of React Native to deliver intuitive cross-platform applications. React Native enables developers to work with a single codebase that can be implemented across different platforms, facilitating faster time to market along with the shorter app development process.

Developed by Facebook and powered by JavaScript framework, React Native is extremely used to create exciting and real mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices. Just code once and you will be able to deploy it on multiple platforms, which help save a great deal of time. It also has a large community of developers available for support.

Similar to ReactJS for web development, React Native applications are built using the combination of JavaScript and XML, known as JSX. It has a set of components for both Android and iOS platforms, which enable creating of app with native look and feel. Thus, using React Native, you can fill the gap between a huge marketplace and generating the sales.

Speed up your mobile application development with the help of our world-class React Native services:

React Native Consultation:

Our experts will begin with understanding your business goals and then provide consultation and a roadmap to the success.

React Native Development:

From designing an interactive user interface to building robust functionalities, we provide complete web development services at affordable prices.

React Native Migration:

We help you migrate your entire application from existing platform to React Native effortlessly and securely.

Velox Softech is a leading React Native development company in India that takes pride in offering dynamic and custom applications using React Native. We provide competent React Native developers for hire who have years of proven record in delivering state of the art solutions. They have already served numerous businesses with premium React Native development, so contact us today for creating long-standing and remarkable brand impression.

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