Deliver compelling user experiences across multiple channels, such as brand website, marketplaces, in-store, etc., by leveraging excellent product information management solutions. Hire certified PIM developers from Velox Softech to encourage multi-channel selling and drive more conversions.

Hire expert PIM developers to boost your digital innovation

Whether you need help with catalog management or multi-channel selling, our PIM developers can help you leverage the capabilities of PIM solutions, such as PIMCore and Akeneo to streamline your business workflow and make sure your consumers always have access to the latest available product information.

With a PIM system, you can facilitate your target audience with exceptional product experience by not only managing product data centrally, but also distributing the product information consistently across multiple sales channels.

Velox Softech has a team of PIM developers for hire who can offer project-based assistance in implementing, securing, developing and customizing the PIM system to meet your precise business requirements as well as integrating it with your existing processes, applications and infrastructure.

Our PIM developers have a proven record of delivering best-in-class PIM services for diverse industry domains, such as e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, supply chain and more.

Our PIM Developers offer following service:

Product Data Management

Hire our PIM experts to efficiently manage your product information, such as adding, updating and tracking product data across different departments. The PIM system also ensures accuracy, consistency and completeness of product metadata.

Product Data Workflow Management

Implementing a PIM system means you can enhance the accuracy of your product information and boost team’s productivity by building standardized and structured business workflow. Different teams can collaborate effectively that ultimately leads to improved business processes.

Omnichannel Publishing

Deliver consistent and contextual brand experience across all sales channels. Our PIM specialists will help you leverage omnichannel capabilities of a PIM software that sends the right product data on the right sales and marketing platforms, making easier for customers to communicate with the company through multiple touch points.

Digital Asset Management

Our PIM developers will help you integrate digital asset management system that provides a systematic approach to efficiently store, organize and manage all product-related assets, such as videos, photos, graphics, animation and audio files and make them accessible centrally.

Master Data Management

With a PIM, our developers will also integrate master data management system that creates a single source of truth for all product information. Our PIM experts will synchronize the master data of your company with the PIM to manage numerous product information in both PIM and MDM.

Catalog Management and Optimization

Our PIM experts also offer catalog management services that include updating the catalog, maintaining product data in the catalog and optimizing catalog for search engines. They also make sure that your product data is stored in a way that is easily indexed.

Marketplace Integration

Reach new customers by publishing your products on major marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and more. Our PIM experts will help you integrate product information management software with marketplaces, so you can expand your offerings and manage orders from a centralized dashboard.

Apps and data integration

Our PIM experts can help you integrate various third-party apps and software with PIM for more seamless business operations. Apps integration enables faster and more effective product data import and export across numerous channels. All the teams involved can have access to the same updated product information.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

In addition to helping you gather and organize your product information, our PIM professionals can also provide you with detailed reports on all aspects of your product lifecycle, such as customer feedback, performance metrics, sales report and more. A detailed insight into performance metrics can help you streamline your processes.

How Hiring PIM Developers from Velox Softech Can Benefit Your Business?

Our PIM developers provide organizations with a powerful tool to manage and organize product data. These services make easier for organizations keep a track of important product information, such as descriptions, specifications, images and videos. By utilizing PIM services, you can ensure that your products are always up to the date and available.

Improve efficiency throughout the organization

PIM services enable organizations to manage product information in a centralized platform that can be easily updated and accessed at any time. This makes multiple teams collaborate and access information as well as streamline business processes.

Enhance customer experience

With PIM, customers can view updated product information at all times. Customers can make informed purchase decisions about your products, which in turn results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Greater competitive advantage

PIM solutions enable companies to gain a competitive advantage by providing top-quality product data to clients. With updated and accurate product information, businesses can make sure they are meeting customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. This can help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Why Choose Velox Softech?

At Velox Softech, we offer a dedicated team of PIM developers who have a proven excellence in delivering high-quality PIM services, helping business manage their product information more efficiently.

When you need assistance with product data entry, catalog management or other aspects of product management, hire our PIM developers who have the right expertise and skills to execute the task effectively. With many years of presence in the industry, we are confident that our PIM developers can take your business to new heights.

If you are looking to hire skilled PIM developers, get in touch with us today. We will partner with you to understand your business requirements and product objectives in order to deliver optimum results.

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