Pimcore is one of the best open-source platforms that are extensively used by companies and organizations to manage digital experiences. It offers powerful asset management, content management, product information management and e-commerce capabilities that allow businesses to deliver interactive digital experiences to their users across multiple sales touchpoints. At Velox Softech, we offer full-fledged Pimcore development services to businesses in Germany.

Choose Pimcore to improve quality of your product data and customer experiences

Velox Softech is one of the market leaders when it comes to offering Pimcore development services in Germany. We have a team of highly skilled Pimcore experts, including consultants, designers and developers who are well-versed in working with this open-source platform.

Pimcore enables organizations to create and manage digital experiences across a number of channels. At Velox Softect, we excel in developing tailored Pimcore-based business solutions that help organizations achieve their business goals efficiently.

Since our inception, we have delivered successful Pimcore implementation projects across numerous industry horizons. Work with Velox Softech if you are looking to take your business to new heights by developing cutting-edge solutions and managing all critical organizational data through a single unified platform.

Our Pimcore development services include:

Pimcore Installation and Configuration

We offer complete Pimcore installation and configuration services, allowing you to leverage the full capabilities of the platform. We configure Pimcore to make sure it works seamlessly within the expected technical environment as well as ensure it synchronizes with other systems and provide expected results.

E-commerce Solution

Pimcore is a robust software with ability to manage millions of product data, which is why it is used as an ideal e-commerce platform by small and large enterprises to boost their online sales. Brands can effortlessly manage millions of products with billions of SKUs, attributes and media assets, and sell their products in multiple locations.

Marketplace Solution

Small businesses may not be able to afford to build a feature-rich e-commerce store. Therefore, small businesses can leverage Pimcore’s PIM, DAM, MDM, CDP and digital commerce platforms to promote and sell products on marketplaces. The solution lets businesses manage product information on leading marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

Content Management System

Our Pimcore developers will help you create an efficient and tailored CMS based on your specific business requirements. They make sure it appeals to your target audience by building a visually attractive and engaging user interface. Through websites, landing pages, microsites and others, you can create more personalized experiences for customers.

Mobile App Development

There are multiple ways Pimcore can bring quality content in front of your target audience. With Pimcore, you can engage with your audience through the mobile application and share the same high-quality content to mobile users. We can help you seamlessly integrate Pimcore with Android, iOS or other cross-platform apps and manage all product data from a single Pimcore repository.

Symfony Cloud Solutions

Our professional Symfony developers are also skilled in cloud infrastructure, such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other Symfony-based backend solutions.

PIM Integration

Pimcore’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables brands to store and manage all sales, marketing and technical product information in a single hub. Using Pimcore, companies can fetch data from a single source of truth and distribute to numerous channels. This helps in creating more strategic and effective marketing campaigns.

MDM and DAM Management

Pimcore offers specialized tools, such as MDM and DAM to manage digital assets and streamline the lifecycle of your product data. Our Pimcore development services include building master data management solutions that act as a single source of truth for all crucial business data and help organizations maintain a master record, including versioning, data validation, translation, attributes and more. Organizations can also leverage centralized management of all digital media, such as videos, photos, audios, graphics and other media assets through DAM.

Pimcore Support and Maintenance

PWe offer around the clock support and maintenance services that include fixing bugs and performance enhancement of your Pimcore solution. We make sure that the Pimcore works flawlessly within the expected user environment and delivers an exceptional user experience.

Why Choose Velox Softech for Pimcore Development?

Custom Solutions

If your business has complex requirements and need custom solution, then partner with Velox Softech. We have a team of expert Pimcore developers on board who are highly qualified in delivering custom solutions that are tailored to meet your particular needs.

Experienced Team

Our team of Pimcore developers has a vast knowledge in understanding various aspects of Pimcore platform. They are highly skilled and have a proven record of delivering successful projects quickly and efficiently.

Competitive Pricing

As one of the leading providers of Pimcore development services, we aim to make Pimcore affordable and accessible for every business, whether small or large. Therefore, we offer flexible engagement models and pricing packages, while keeping up the unmatched quality.

Consult us today if you believe your organization needs a PIM solution. Our Pimcore experts will get in touch to understand your project requirements and come up with the best possible solution that fulfill your PIM needs.

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